About Us

Hi and welcome to JustsimplyBlanks - uk metal blank supplier - aluminium, copper and brass

I offer die cut blanks(punched by hand), handcut shapes , textured shapes and laser cut shapes

I am offering unique laser cut shapes that I have spent many hours designing, sourcing  and then comissioning them to be cut on my behalf. 

Laser blanks offer crisp, clean lines and the shapes that can be cut a little more unusual.  Laser cut blanks do have a tiny nobble of metal where the laser starts and finishes - this is normal and easily removed with a file. I am working hard on these all being pre tumbled.

Punched blanks have a softer curve to their edges and a slightly more homemade feel, but require light sanding to finish.

I am now offering textured blanks too!!

All of my blanks come with at least one side protected for transport to avoid scratching.

My blanks is what ever form are sold as unfinished so it is your resposibility to make sure the edges are smooth and safe for your customers :)

The laser cut shapes are my designs and are subject to copyright law.

Please email if you have any queries - happy shopping.