Fun pancake die cut shapes

Fun pancake die cut shapes

These are pancake die punched - this provides a smooth edge to one side

Most can be cut from copper,aluminium and brass but textures can only be done on copper and aluminium

Buff, tumble and light sanding required - comes with one side protected

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tapered ring
Lovely pancake die cut tapered ring shape - 73mm long x 14mm at its widest point narrowing to 5mm sh..
Ex Tax: £0.50
wide teardrop shape
 Lovely teardrop shape app​rox 40mm x 24mm in size Cut from a pancake die and avialable in..
Ex Tax: £0.50
wine bottle blank - cut to order! - introductory price
Punched wine bottle approx 55mm x 14mm - cut to order from 1.2mm aluminium or 0.9mm copper G..
Ex Tax: £0.49

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