Types of cut

PANCAKE DIE CUT - these are designs from POTTER USA - metal is inserted one at a time into a die and pressed out by a 20 tonne press - it gives a rounder edge to one side and crisp on the other - some finishing will be required where the tab is cut off and plastic will be present to at least one side

DIE CUT - this means that the metal has been inserted into a hole punch for metal and then hammered one at a time to produce the cut shape - this normally gives a soft edge to one side and crisp edge to the other - requires some finishing in a tumbler or sanding - plastic is normally one one side of these blanks to protect the surface

LASER CUT - this is a JSB drawn deisgn (or with permission) that has been cut from a sheet of metal by high powered laser - this gives a more detailed design and a crisp edge to both sides - these all come pre tumbled but will require a small nobble where the laser starts and finishes filing off - no plastic to either side